New Hope Youth Missions Trips

VFY's "New Hope" Youth Missions Trips

In the summer of 2000, VFY began a summer youth outreach to some of America's largest inner-cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City. Church youth groups gather with other church youth groups for shared ministry and evangelism in strategic inner-city neighborhoods. The primary goals of the VFY summer programs are to provide culturally-relevant outreach experiences that will give students a greater confidence to share their faith back home, and to help some of the participants to prayerfully consider a future, full-time ministry back into America's big cities.

Vision For Youth's missions' trips feature the following characteristics:

  • Strong local church emphasis – we work with ministries and churches in the inner city and work with a variety of church youth groups who desire an inner-city outreach experience for their students;
  • Our trips provide creative and culturally relevant means of evangelism in a multiethnic environment. Students must also be prepared to share their faith with others before they participate in the New Hope trips;
  • We offer a unified team approach to ministry. VFY takes multiple church youth groups into an inner-city setting to work together under the leadership of an established local ministry;
  • Our trips include strong Bible preaching in the form of a daily Bible conference, daily student-led worship, and life-changing evangelistic experiences.

For more information on next summer's VFY youth missions trips contact Tim Ahlgrim at: 765.543.3053 or